Island dressings

Island dressings

Island dressings are easy to use, all in one dressings with or without a water proof film.   

Island dressings

AlldressExudation Level: Medium

An all-in-one, self-adhesive, absorbent dressing that is ideal for a wide...

Mepore Film & PadExudation Level: Low

A transparent fluid, viral and bacteria repellent (microbes larger than...

Mepore ProExudation Level: Low

A shower, viral and bacterial barrier (microbes larger than 25nm) for patients.


Mepore®,世界第一款自粘式敷料,温和、安全并且持久。Mepore 容易使用,有圆角和保护层。具备良好的吸收性,Mepore 适用于治疗轻至中度渗液伤口,例如术后伤口、轻度烧伤、割伤和擦伤。您可始终信赖...