Tubifast ™Gloves with 2-Way Stretch Technology®
Ready-to-wear gloves for quick and easy application
Tubifast™ Gloves with 2-Way Stretch Technology® are the ideal choice for wet or dry wrapping as well as dressing fixation, available in sizes for children and adults. With no tapes, pins or ties, Tubifast Gloves are quick and easy to apply and the 2-Way Stretch Technology gives complete freedom of movement, ensuring a convenient, quick and simple way to wrap, aiding concordance. Being seamless, they are comfortable to wear and help prevent irritation of sensitive skin, promoting fully active days and restful nights.

Ideal for wet or dry wrapping and as dressing fixation

2-Way Stretch Technology gives complete freedom of movement

Providing a convenient, quick and simple way to wrap, aiding concordance

Comfortable and seamless – help prevent skin irritation

Benefits of wet wrapping

Wet wrapping is a therapy used in the treatment of atopic eczema, and involves the use of an emollient under a garment. This can be done using the emollient Epaderm™ Ointment together with Tubifast Gloves.

An emollient is applied to the affected skin, which is then covered with dampened Tubifast Gloves. Working together, the emollient and the damp layer keep the skin hydrated and moist, and help reduce inflammation1.

The damp Tubifast Gloves also act as a retaining layer, ensuring that the emollient stays in contact with the skin. The damp layer also cools and soothes the skin, helping to reduce itching 28.

A second, dry pair of Tubifast Gloves are then applied, which keep the patient’s clothing dry and prevents further scratching from aggravating the skin and causing potential injury. Dry wrapping is a similar process to wet wrapping. An emollient is applied to the affected skin, which is then covered with a single, dry pair of Tubifast Gloves.


Please note: It is recommended that Tubifast Gloves with 2-Way Stretch Technology are sized according to dimensions as well as age. If in any doubt regarding the selection of size, the next largest size should be chosen.

  1. Page B (2005) The Benefits of Tubifast Garments in the management of atopic eczema. British Journal of Nursing 14 (5); 289-92.
  2. Cork MJ, Complete Emollient Therapy. The National Association of Fundholding Practices Official Yearbook. BPC Waterlow, Dunstable 1998: 159-168.


Provides a physical barrier against scratching
Extended cuffs to cover wrist
Tubifast Gloves are available in four sizes for children, and four for adults
Check your local website for information on assortment. 
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