Ultimate protection and comfort
The BARRIER® surgical gown ULTIMATE caters to the optimal combination of protection and comfort requirements as the material is very soft and breathable, yet highly fluid repellent. As the newest surgical gown in our range, the BARRIER surgical gown ULTIMATE is adapted for the most challenging surgical procedures.

Surgical gown with soft SMS material for advanced protection

Increased fluid repellence to low surface tension fluids

Ergonomic design for comfort and freedom of movement

92% prefer the BARRIER Surgical Gown ULTIMATE thanks to high breathability and softness

Comply with both EN 13795* and AAMI**

Natural working position


BARRIER surgical gown ULTIMATE has shoulder pleats allowing freedom of movement for the upper body, while the forward facing sleeves correlate with a natural working position. The long sleeves enhance mobility as well as reduce the risk of glove-sliding.

The Operating Theatre Journal notes Mölnlycke Health Care’s surgical gown ULTIMATE offers improved protection and comfort.

* European Directive EN 13795-3:2006: The European harmonized standard specifying requirements for single-use and reusable gowns, drapes and clean air suits used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff and equipment and intended to prevent the transmission of infective agents between patients and clinical staff during invasive surgical procedures.

** ANSI/AAMI PB-70:2003: Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. AAMI is the US reference standard establishing a system of classification for protective apparel and drapes based on their liquid barrier performance and specifies related labelling requirements and standardised test methods.

Gown material

BARRIER surgical gown ULTIMATE

Gown body & sleeve: Nonwoven polypropylene fibres
All high performing surgical gowns are reinforced:
Front reinforcement: Polyethlylene plastic film
Sleeve reinforcement: Polyethlylene plastic film, viscose/polyester


BARRIER surgical gown ULTIMATE

Product classifications
EN 13795* Standard Performance and AAMI** Level 3
EN 13795* High Performance and AAMI** Level 3


Single packed gowns provided in a double box packaging system ensures protection against dust, moisture and damage during transport, handling and storage.


At Mölnlycke Health Care we have a long-standing commitment to make our activities have as little effect as possible on the environment, without compromising the efficiency and reliability of our products and services. Environmental practice is a priority in our production and at our sites around the world.

  • Customer Preference Studies, 2010
  • Material study, laboratory test, normalized data; stiffness, bend, rigidity, drapeability
  • Material study, laboratory test, normalized data; air permeability metre per second
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