ProcedurePak® custom procedure trays
Preparation time for surgical procedures cut to half1
The ProcedurePak® custom procedure trays are assembled to contain all the single use components required for a particular surgical intervention. Replacing a large number of individually packaged items, ProcedurePak trays can generate significant savings in time and costs for both major and minor surgery procedures. Preparation time for surgical procedures can be cut by more than half compared to traditional preparation of the operation room.1

Selection of more than 7,000 components from leading suppliers, making it easy to tailor trays to your exact needs

All components and packaging conform to the strictest standards, ensuring patient and staff safety

Can generate shorter patient turnaround time and result in less staff overtime

Proven time, effort and cost effectiveness

Significant waste reductions

Decreased wastage as picking errors are kept to a minimum2

Time savings of up to 59% with ProcedurePak® custom procedure trays1

Operating room nurses have more time for patients

The use of Mölnlycke Health Care ProcedurePak trays is supporting the growth of surgical activity at AZ Sint-Jan Bruges-Osten, Belgium.


“18% increase in number of surgeries achieved by deploying ProcedurePak trays and optimising processes. Overtime in the O.R. was cut down and patient safety improved,” says Prof. Michael Greiling,
German Institute for Workflow Management in the Healthcare Service (IWiG).

The preliminary results from a multi centre study conducted in five hospitals in Europe show that the use of ProcedurePak custom procedure trays led to substantial efficiency gains.2

In one of the hospitals observed, 11 trays were used for a total of 2,785 interventions that year. The freed up resources from time and cost savings and process optimisation enabled 500 more interventions than the year before, meaning an increase of 18%.

In another hospital, the number of surgery procedures increased by 37.5%, from 40 to 55 per day.

Study performed by the German Institute for Workflow Management in the Health Care Service (IWiG) under the directorship of Professor Dr.rer.oec. Michael Greiling, 2009.

Strengthened and improved safety standards

ProcedurePak® custom procedure trays help to reduce the risk of infection.1 With fewer packages to open the risk of aseptic mistakes is decreased. With shorter patient stays in the O.R. exposure time is reduced. One in every five custom procedure trays sold in Europe is a ProcedurePak tray4 and ProcedurePak trays are used for more than 3.0 million surgical procedures every year.5 All ProcedurePak products comply with the applicable quality and regulatory standards.

State of the art pack assembly that meets all applicable standards and advanced IT control systems, ensuring that the final product is delivered according to your specifications.

  • Contents can be checked at a glance thanks to clear labelling.
  • Removable labels for easy administration.
  • Full traceability in case of product recalls or notification.

Our comprehensive approach to help ensure safety for you and your patients stretches from component validation to in-process inspections, packaging, labelling and sterilisation of the final product. Enhanced safety creates confidence, helping staff work at their highest levels. Read more in our details section below.

Training and support

Our team of experts will assist you in the setup and implementation processes, providing back-office and onsite support, and naturally advice as needed.

They can help you find new opportunities for time and financial efficiency gains – which you can apply to find even more gains.

  • Specialist advice and assistance includes our team of trained O.R. nurses, who provide over 70,000 hours of onsite support to hospitals in Europe annually.
  • Tray design consultation helps you find the very best solution to meet your needs in the most effective way.

  • Reliable partner

    Mölnlycke Health Care has been leading the way in conversions from multiple to single-use surgical drapes and gowns for more than 35 years. We have been able to maintain our position as market leader through our customer-focused product development, high quality products and our skilled and knowledgeable personnel.

    We have a long-standing commitment to ensure our activities have as little effect as possible on the environment, without compromising the efficiency and reliability of our products and services. A sound environmental practice is a priority in our production and at our sites around the world.

    Read more about the environmental benefits of O.R. efficiency here

  1. Greiling, M. A multinational case study to evaluate and quantify time-saving by using custom procedure trays for operating room efficiency. Data presented at European Association of Hospital Managers September 2010 (poster).
  2. Customer reference program, 2009
  3. Study performed by the German Institute for Workflow Management in the Health Care Service (IWiG) under the directorship of Professor Dr.rer.oec. Michael Greiling, 2009.
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